They performednaˆ™t seem to reveal, whenever she starred in When a Man really likes

They performednaˆ™t seem to reveal, whenever she starred in When a Man really likes

You have got much more available us as watchers, and I hope that you do not herpes dating site France let any unfavorable viewpoints sway their desire for behaving. You simply represented a character, as you did in your previous dramas. That’s it that is certainly anything you did.

They reminds me of lose Koo Hye Sun exactly who gotten the absolute most absurd, outlandish, bad views when she represented Geum Jan Di in young men Before blooms, one of the BEST South Korean dramas that i have ever seen. She assisted generate that crisis phenomenal, and I also cannot think about enjoying it without the girl. But, this young woman has actually my personal greatest regard because she switched those adverse comments into gasoline, increasing the woman know-how various other locations. She continued to incorporate different notice worthwhile vocations to this lady bio, and that I wish you are doing the same.

So why do Koreans talk bad about Shin Se Kyung. Its the movie director whom informs this lady how to proceed. The woman is therefore youthful, offer the girl a BREAK. She just have part. Should you not have any such thing great to say about someone do not state they. Did’nt your mommy educate you on anything.

The writer or MANAGER informs the lady just how to perform

I am aware and I also value the prior nice feedback, but there’s about getting specialist, which actress, unfortunately, can be so inexpressive, like a seafood. Really don’t understand why she got countless prizes when there are so many close and gifted South Korean stars. This lady performing is actually bad, without having any variety of phrase and emotions, and quite often…aggressive and impolite. She needs to see many!

I agree with the review above.. That celebrity kept me cooler.. No appearance at all. Today she’s going to be in a fresh crisis with water. She much better prepare yourself as water is a phenomenal actor and she’s going to search poor unless she can perform

We consent totally with Manna and lots of people. We just slammed their performing, perhaps not anyone. Who’re we to evaluate? Her performing sucks. Their worst acting reduces valuable head actors. We worry for Lee Dong-wook, an excellent talented actor inside the future crisis Ironman, his lover try Shin Se-kyeong! Yes, this woman is most youthful. But you’ll find so nany of those, also very younger but they aim by themselves perfectly. Yes performing just isn’t quick! If Shin decided to be one, be high quality! Keep working harder! Whenever we read the girl performing, I have very annoyed. No appearance, no behavior. Like a statue with a remote controls. For winning many rates, some VVIP available to choose from try seeing around on her! It can be genuine, especially in Asia. That knows? I really hope Im wrong!

Not every one of united states can act

just who stated she iz maybe not beautiful…. just who the hell are you men…. I think she’s usually the one stunning actress in Korean….

This female is very pretty. I became really amazed to read through she got an acting award. I was thinking it absolutely was this lady first acting stint, ergo the distress.

I ABSOLUTELY DON’T UNDERSTAND how you can bring award for a fantastic actress. Are they blind?? that which you did to get it? I am aware you may be an attractive and pretty girl with a lovely human body and innocent face. But you’re a bad actress. Exceptional. Tooooo much. In my opinion some important everyone backing your. It’s best? If you wish to feel an excellent celebrity do a little inovation, creatif and increase their skills. Show off your feelings. There is no need emotion and fictional character. Making me dull observe your own performing. Make some changes before increasing numbers of people doesn’t as if you. Dont end up being embarrassed the korean actress.

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