Therefore, the thing was, I’m in a relationship with this particular chap exactly who is my personal companion’s ex

Therefore, the thing was, I’m in a relationship with this particular chap exactly who is my personal companion’s ex

I’ve been indicating to ask this question for some time today, but i possibly couldn’t pick any good web site. I came across this web site, therefore I thought to inquire right here. I really hope people here can answer me.

I’ve been with him for longer than monthly. Nevertheless now I instantly think responsible because he’s my closest friend’s ex, also because I believe like I’m breaking my personal parents’ confidence.

But mainly i’m accountable and poor because personally i think like i am disobeying Allah. I’ve just satisfied him when, but completed no kissing or things. Do not also mention nothing vulgar, but i’m similar to this are a sin because we don’t know very well what the long term holds. Therefore I would you like to separation with him, but he or she isn’t allowing me because he says it’s fine provided we do not touch each other. I believe it still is a sin whether your touch or not.

Very be sure to, can you let me know if having a relationship before ? Regardless if the audience isn’t undertaking things and do not thinking about starting anything because we both has all of our morals?

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Split with your this may merely lead your to the completely wrong course it’s a sin ans haraam. Never hear him, alter your numbers slice completely EXPERIENCE OF HIM. You don’t need your, get married just the halaal method. For me the guy frequently want to use your for starters kindly TRY NOT TO DEPEND ON HIM.

Finally he had been with your companion this obviously places you in a hard situation. The guy does not seems a individual or of a good figure. SHEDDING YOUR VIRGINITY BEFORE RELATIONSHIP FOR SOME GUY JUST ISN’T WORTH EVERY PENNY, BOND CAUTIOUSLY!

As aunt Samina stated earlier, there is absolutely no bf/gf partnership in Islam. It does not matter whether zina/touching one another is included or not–either means, it’s still Haram. Allah subhanahu wata’ala claims during the Holy Quran:

“and don’t appear near zina/adultery (for example. online dating, being in a room/place by yourself with a non-mahram, or speaking with all of them by yourself). They (for example. almost zina/dating) are immoral, and an evil ways.” (Ouran 17: 32)


As you can plainly see that above mentioned ayah forbids coming near zina. Many people erroneously keep in mind that zina by yourself is what has become prohibited, therefore it is okay currently provided that zina or pressing both just isn’t present. Undoubtedly, that is an excellent misconception. Both zina and relationships have-been strictly prohibited relating to many root from Quran and Sunnah. Dating (with/without zina) is on its way near zina, and it’s really without a doubt exactly what happens to be forbidden in aforementioned ayah. Because there is an additional sahih hadith which suggests that whenever one is by yourself with a woman (non-mahram) in a personal put, Shaithaan is the 3rd people around them–he will unquestionably try to whisper bad thoughts and feelings into all of them.

Right now it should be obvious to you that commitment you’re in because of the guy is actually unsatisfactory in Islam. If he desires ily within the egyptian chat room appropriate Islamic way. When he gets near your household and aims to get married you, he is able to end up being permitted the opportunity to will communicate with you, while that needs to be in presence of your parents or Wali/guardian.

This worry in you try but by the elegance of Allah. Merely inform this boy you’ll be able to not any longer see him. Done. These days there is absolutely no making out however it will simply feel a matter of times earlier occurs. Often it does not end in merely a kiss and there are many tales right here on this site that will verify that.

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