Katie try Emily Fitch’s twin sister, just who she actually is older than by a couple of minutes

Katie try Emily Fitch’s twin sister, just who she actually is older than by a couple of minutes


“You will find an identical twin called Emily. We have learnt that the actual fact that we see the same, we are various and also in purchase for those to recognize this, we should feel genuine, we must getting our selves, perhaps not one another.” – Katie

Katie is actually in the beginning provided to be extremely manipulative and very blunt, relatively utilizing folks on her own earn. Nevertheless since the show advances, Katie begins to program another type of area of herself; she’s really extremely vulnerable and afraid of getting by yourself, thus she tries to include this up by behaving terrible towards people and trying to controls every aspect https://datingranking.net/croatian-chat-room/ of her sibling’s lifetime. Later on, when she’s nicely toned along the hostile area of the lady identity, she gets a solid source of service on her behalf cousin and lots of of this lady pals.

During all the third show, she is most distant from gang as the woman search for popularity generated their isolate by herself. She particularly despises Effy, Naomi and Emily- the previous two simply because they express something totally beyond her control, aforementioned because Emily starts to defy the role she has positioned the lady in. She starts resting with Freddie, to some extent because she wants him, but partially because she really wants to get back at Effy and get the gang’s newer queen bee. She sounds shaken by the girl brother Emily’s homosexuality and in the beginning denies they by trying to controls the lady, but she in the course of time finds out to simply accept it.

Throughout last series, Katie gets buddies with Effy, Thomas and Pandora, and re-establishes the lady relationship with Freddie. Although she quickly clashes with Emily once more (for various factors) they remain near to each other into the finale. She has be a significantly nicer person, and even she and Naomi are a lot much more friendly than they were in the last show. Although she’s being a better people, she continues to have stored their blunt character, many vocally standing up for Kanye western during 2009 MTV video clip Music honors conflict. [1]

Series 3

In “Everyone”, Katie try very first launched to be most positive, attempting to shed the girl sibling and determine her own individuality whether or not it indicates trampling on her behalf aunt to take action. Its so very bad that also Effy mentions to Emily that Katie addresses this lady like “a doormat”. Katie reveals that she had not ever been without a boyfriend since she was actually seven- in stark distinction to the lady cousin (that has never really had a boyfriend, since the woman is a closeted lesbian). She’s really rude to Naomi, generating homophobic opinions whenever she actually is about, because she believes that Naomi had required by herself on Emily during an event the prior 12 months (not knowing it actually was Emily exactly who initiated it). She will continue to generate such remarks for the following three attacks, although Naomi over and over claims to Katie that this woman is directly. Katie is also rarely seen without the girl footballer boyfriend Danny Guillermo, that is frequently feeling this lady right up, which she will not frequently notice, in spite of the soreness of the lady sibling and family.

In “Thomas”, Emily ultimately informs Katie the real truth about how Emily was actually the one who initiated the kiss between the woman and Naomi, blaming they regarding MDMA she grabbed. (but later on confessing otherwise to Naomi, by herself).

In “Pandora”, Katie almost overthrows Pandora’s pajama celebration (with a few venture from Effy) by spiking the girl mother’s brownies with MDMA. She later on views Emily and Naomi kissing in the jumping castle, leaving the girl surprised. She reveals some regret for ruining Pandora’s celebration after Danny crashes the place with a lot of his buddies.

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