He wants to draw and despite his normalcy, he could be a really careful, nurturing people

He wants to draw and despite his normalcy, he could be a really careful, nurturing people

Geo simply a regular guy, while also not most chatty. He or she is happy to risk his own lifestyle exactly in danger to save/protect their friends.

For many strange reason, despite his amazing energy, the guy seems to have an aversion to combating, best utilizing their full power after situation positively calls for they.

Abilities and Abilities:

As an individual, Geo had be acutely effective and difficult because nails/durable as diamond while versatile, as soon as he had become carried towards the latest market. They can go toe-to-toe with many seasoned Teoran warriors, despite not being previously competed in overcome. Hence, the reason why he could be also known as a “very being”.

However considering being getting no previous expertise in differing fighting strategies or near eliminate experience, as a result Queen Gwain has stated he can be stronger if he totally teaches and harnesses his performance. It was the reason why she wished to extinguish their lifetime prematurely whether it wasn’t for Ami’s intervention. Only king Gwain and Luna experience the power required to eliminate individuals, such Geo. Thankfully, he is already been fortunate for both ones to spare his lifestyle for now.

Physical Capabilities:

As a result of his individual biology being changed within the new world of Teora, which could has gravity less than Earth’s, they can adapt to almost all of Teora’s hostile faunas. After training thoroughly with Gwain and Marlow, their energy, speed, performance, fat, and density have increased drastically beyond any/most accomplished Teoran fighters. His biggest use of their abilities in fighting, are his performance and resilience.

Their durability are immense, having the ability to survive all Gwain’s immediate attacks, and her delivery Beam for longer quantities of energy, on two occasions, and endure becoming ran more by multiple practice trucks by a full-speed practice, although suffering a broken arm and cuts while in the process. As he utilizes his full-strength, he’s able to do amazing feats such as for instance picking right up a giant galleon overhead quickly, or beating Tahjin in a single punch, and submit your flying most miles out.


At first, he seemed to do not have past resist performance nor skills upon showing up in Teora. Though he’d astounding opportunities. His expertise and energy expanded overtime with thorough intensive tuition by Gwain and, after that e an adept swordsman, are extremely skilled along with his EXE-Blade. Also, this training enabled your to learn how to transform their EXE-Blade into its rifle kind, that makes it a powerful ranged gun.


Geo’s worst weakness try his lack of secret. He’s incapable of do just about anything as additional Teorans can create particularly travel, teleport, produce platforms or surfaces for himself, or move. The guy appears to be quickly effected by secret, having astounding damage as a result unlike scarcely being scratched by real assaults.

Because his better pounds and density, he can not swimming, but rather sinks in drinking water. Meaning the guy may potentially be drowned underwater with little to no chance for floating back-up towards the surface, that was until the guy got the diving match to negate that complications.

Geo does perhaps not utilize their full power unless become serious scenarios in matches, losing or attracting most fights which he may have conveniently claimed. This has been actually talked about by Gwain and Luna.


Upon appearance inside world of Teora, his sole property were the clothing on their back, along with his backpack, which included his sketchbook. Because they had been made on the planet, their weight enhanced considerably on Teora (by Teoran requirements).

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