#7. Auto Credit Express- Quick Approval Process

Additionally, the company offers you an opportunity to repair a bad credit profile. This happens when you repay your installments on time. The company reports to credit union(s) that you are cooperating. Subsequently, the bureau notes your progress which can enhance your credit score.

Most importantly, the Surge Mastercard comes with other significant benefits. Firstly, the holder has zero liability in case of fraud. Secondly, the cardholder is not responsible for unauthorized charges. Thirdly, it favors borrowers regardless of their loan requests.

Finally, upon application, you are guaranteed a loan of $300. That is why we recommend this service when shopping for personal loans.



Transaction Review After Six Months: You can request a review after six months. This can lower your annual fees if you have no history of defaults.

Swift Application Process: Surge Mastercard is the card you need in your wallet always. It is easy to get, making life easy for a customer with bad credit. The sign-up process is fast and straightforward. And in turn, you can start working on improving your credit history immediately.

No Upfront Charges: Surge Mastercard offers a credit limit ranging from $30 to $1000 without demanding fees upfront. Funding is instant upon approval. However, the catch is to make timely payments during the first six months to access all benefits.

Rates and Fees: Compared to other lending platforms, Surge Mastercard is quite expensive. For instance, monthly maintenance and annual fees apply. Additionally, their international travel rates are high. Furthermore, late payments attract costly penalties.

  • Clients with bad credit can apply
  • Loans from $1000
  • No security deposit
  • Improve your credit score
  • High monthly and annual fees

#6. Indigo- Offers Pre-Qualification Loan Options

If you have had multiple loan rejections because of bad credit, Indigo will be a fresh start. The card comes with great benefits such as travel assistance and an extended warranty. They also offer friendly travel and international rates. However, Indigo has a loan limit. Its highest loan amount is $300.

Apart from its loan limit, Indigo’s services could be expensive. And this is because your credit worth will influence your annual fees. And, on top of that, it charges a constant interest rate.

While this info may be discouraging, Indigo can help build your credit. They report to credit bureaus who can influence your bad credit. All they need is proof that you are meeting your payments without stress.

Additionally, applying for a card is easy. Moreover, you can check your chances of approval without hurting your score. Not many credit companies will allow you to do prequalification checks. So, we add that as an advantage. You can find out what disqualifies you and sort it out before applying. That means you can increase your chances of getting approval.

No Delays: They operate following strict standards. And we observed they have a competent assessment team. For these reasons, you will hardly experience delays with them. You get quick notifications whether your application is approved or not.

Long-term Opportunities: If you need to use their service in the long term, you are in luck. The company encourages clients who would like to remain their customers for a long time.

Free Service: Indigo services are online and available to anyone at no cost. In addition, the process of application is quick and straightforward. You do not need special training or experience to apply.


  • Accepts bad credit
  • Pre-qualification checks
  • It is widely accepted.
  • Repair bad credit


  • High costs and fees.

Auto Credit Express also manages a pool of lenders who are ready to support you in times of financial need. We can confirm that Auto Credit Express is committed to helping its users access personal loans with bad credit. The company goes the extra mile to find credible lenders who meet the demand for loans. Working with over 1000 lenders is not easy, but they do it effortlessly.

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