Extra Considerations for Calculating Contact Tracing Resources

Extra Considerations for Calculating Contact Tracing Resources

Content explaining non-CDC resources within document was given to informational functions just and is perhaps not intended to show endorsement, actual or suggested, associated with the equipment. Moreover, information on this website are supplied aˆ?as are,aˆ? for consumers to gauge making their dedication on their effectiveness.

  • # new COVID-19 consumers / day
  • # close associates / COVID-19 circumstances
  • Proportion of individuals who tend to be easy / tough / most difficult to achieve (and not hit). The amount of time must setup and conduct the first interview using the index person with COVID-19 can vary.
  • Typical time required for instance study per client category
  • Average times spent on contact notification for each get in touch with category
  • Average length of time allocated to associates for every day in each category
  • Many hours of daily productive work per call tracer
  • Wide range of workdays every week per contact tracer
  • Wide range of contact tracers per management

Changing the details in product can change the estimated total staffing recommended, even when keeping how many everyday brand new COVID-19 problems continuous. (Note that this model does not identify general inhabitants size. The total amount of efforts are proportional to your quantity of COVID-19 consumers and contacts recognized in each people as opposed to the final amount of people living in the community.)

*Between , the day-to-day occurrence of COVID-19 in the us ranged between approximately 8 and 9 each 100,000 (between 25,858 and 29,916 brand new COVID-19 cases every day; presume United States inhabitants of 328M).

**Approximate top everyday occurrence of COVID-19 in nyc (approx. 11,400 incident latest problems on 4/, presume NYC inhabitants of 8.4M).

There are lots of elements might impact call tracer staffing requires that ought to be taken into account whenever estimating call tracer demands:

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