Sectors internet dating Patrick D. Slope, Certain Knowledge Organizer.

Sectors internet dating Patrick D. Slope, Certain Knowledge Organizer.

– Patrick D. Slope, Special Studies Organizer

Sectors Curriculum® Level 1 & 2 Package

The sectors® VideoModeling® course includes three tools that teach personal and relationship limits, social skill, and relationship-specific social skills in a simple to comprehend structure. The Circles Curriculum is useful across class, homes, societal and Vocational settings.

  • 5 many hours of training
  • 8 DVDs
  • 1 Icon Wall Surface Chart
  • 50 Huge Laminated Graph Icons
  • 50 Student Individual Graphs
  • 300 peel n adhere icons
  • 2 Teacher’s Instructions
  • Groups Level 1 Complete
  • Sectors Amount 2 Complete

Circles: Closeness & Relationships®, Stage 1

  • 4 DVDs
  • 107 mins of instructions
  • 1 Large Wall Chart
  • 50 Large Laminated Graph Icons
  • 50 Beginner Personal Graphs
  • 300 peel n put icons
  • Teacher’s Guide

Circles®: Intimacy & Connections, Stage 2

  • 4 DVDs
  • 1 icon wall graph
  • 50 big laminated graph icons
  • 50 pupil private graphs
  • 300 peel n put icons
  • Teacher’s Tips Guide

Stop Punishment

The Sectors Program®

National Best-Seller! Teach the youngsters the sectors regulations of closeness, social boundaries and interpersonal abilities.

What’s the Groups Course?

The groups system teaches personal range and levels of intimacy by using six color-coded concentric groups. Beginning from the guts group, which represents the personal, each new colored group symbolizes habits, thoughts, and activities excellent to the length from the heart of self. Circles had been authored by Leslie Walker-Hirsch, Med, Marklyn wine, RN, MSW & James Stanfield, EDD

Eg, individuals may hug and kiss members of the family, people in the azure Hug group, but just wave towards mailman, who would be in the distant orange revolution circle. The sectors means has been utilized effectively to instruct pupils with:

  • mastering disabilities
  • moderate to extreme emotional handicaps
  • mental handicaps
  • autism
  • physical older women dating montaЕјowe problems, and
  • affective issues


These tips are believed become recommendations in specific degree and social techniques classes and get become well-documented during the literary works that makes Unique Education instructor candidates for training students with exclusive learning styles

Unique Degree Training & Pedagogical Ways

Every person instructor can personalize each tutorial to deal with the precise requires of their own course. The more familiar the instructor turns out to be with all the sectors concept, the greater amount of applications he or she will find.



Split into two elements, “Social borders” and “Relationships Building,” this system is a great introduction towards sectors Paradigm, especially for college students with minor to limited intellectual impairment.

Sectors degree 1 has already established a complete overhaul. Current along with brand new videos and additional relations, sectors will help their college students ‘SEE’ personal limitations. Groups stage 1 explains the partnership between closeness as well as how we connect with other individuals. Teach their people just how quantities of closeness determine how we TOUCHING, communicate with, and CONFIDENCE each other.


Along with its “reality tv series” style, this new extended form of groups is perfect for example the greater amount of simple applying of the groups Paradigm. This will make an ideal “Second Step” for students with moderate to moderate intellectual questioned and that can also be used as a stand-alone introduction for greater working and regular children.

Degree 2 Second-Step Information includes:

  • Alternate Intimacy Amount Signs
  • Group bouncing: if it’s okay and when it’s not
  • Reversal of Intimacy Level
  • Rejecting Intimacy and Having Intimacy Rejected
  • Connection Dissolution, plus!

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