A goof with a large cardio, Bob really loves generating Katherine and his awesome family chuckle

A goof with a large cardio, Bob really loves generating Katherine and his awesome family chuckle

Holly’s BFF is often the wisest person during the place but doesn’t create a practice of aiming it out. Amy’s maybe not embarrassed by the girl minds; she actually is simply smart sufficient to realize no body loves a know-it-all. Amy enjoys technology and mathematics. She dreams intensely about becoming an astronaut sooner or later, it is additionally contemplating regular teen female items. She desires newer information and knowledge a€“ whether it’s an innovative new track, a brand new application, or the woman first senior high school party.

Piper Parish

This trendsetter knows how to inspire the middle class ready. Require the correct lip gloss to match an outfit? She’s your girl. Suitable tag for the Instagram? Exact Same. Piper’s looks, activities, and buddies include very carefully curated. But beneath this lady image- best external sits a secret: this lady family’s troubled to make ends satisfy. Luckily, Piper has not allowed any of the girl adoring enthusiasts get near enough to be aware of the fact.

Robbie Hobbie

Lifestyle’s come simple for this laid-back athlete gifted with appearance and a great arm. This fun-loving child’s not a dumb jock but has not tried way too hard in school. He would somewhat end up being goofing off along with his teammates, canoodling with his girl, or pranking their siblings, Holly and Heather. Robbie often utilizes their allure to get your out of issues (with his tasks regarding farm).

Tyler Flaherty

This center daughter of Collinsville’s most effective parents has become MIA for per year. No one (except their household), knows what he had been as much as. Tyler leftover area a preppy and common child and returned darker and edgier a€“ Collinsville’s brand new rebel without an underlying cause. Tyler makes sense and quick-witted. Their interests add drawing, photography and tormenting Holly along with her buddies.

Heather Hobbie

Heather, Holly’s sister, is actually a headstrong lady just who believes hyper-focus and dedication will get this lady where she desires. She adore using their palms and also voluntarily taken up to learning expertise that don’t interest the majority of family her age a€“a€“ from stitching to planting. She in addition LOVES baseball. Heather was a loyal friend and sibling which prefers the firm of the girl greatest friend, Levi, on the babes at school, and is happiest playing baseball with her team.

Katherine Hobbie

The apple doesn’t fall not the tree a€“ Holly will get the girl love, independent character, and drive from their mama. Katherine are a juggler, managing the girl tasks as a legal counsel in the Pickle Factory while assisting boost kids whom always appear to find themselves in warm water. She actually is produced peace with being required to bring a€?bad copa€? to father’s a€?good copa€?, but she loves sharing inside her family members’ comfortable moments.

Robert “Bob” Hobbie

Bob, Holly’s father, overran the farm he was raised on when his grandfather passed on, but agriculture’s not the thing inside the blood. Bob’s a talented musician and vocalist a€“ skills he learned from his mama, and it has handed down to Holly. .. and that’s why the guy struggles occasionally when he has to be an expert figure.

Grandmother Helen Hobbie

Helen keeps an edgy streak and zero filtration a€“ she’s never apprehensive with the thought of having to determine they like it was, etiquette end up being damned. Helen’s a musician, and she is happy for passed on the woman passion for stone and rebellion onto the lady grandchild.

A dreamer El Cajon escort and a doer, Holly Hobbie possess resided her expereince of living from inside the small town of Collinsville. Holly was a 13-year-old singer-songwriter that is had gotten the lady close friends and close-knit family members by the girl area, but she is dreaming of tactics to cut the entire world a€“ whether or not its starting inside her very own backyard.

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